» What Others Are Saying About Samar El-Zein



Performer, Director, Actress, TV Personality, Educator, Reporter

"My son is autistic: he's 'high functioning' and is mainstreamed in school—but only because he can do the basic scholastic work; socially, he's a mess. But there he was, on stage, comfortable and part of a group. I couldn't believe it! Samar is a miracle worker."

-A parent from a workshop

"Samar is a brilliant and intelligent young actress. She understands the method of Jacques le Coq, and in her extensive work with our school, she was able to collaborate artistically and creatively with fellow actors from all over the world. This is a rare combination which gives Samar an unusual gift for teaching."

-Fay Le Coq, Director, Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Paris

"Samar is a great teacher and a true innovator in movement forms and learning processes. Hers is a performance style that creates a convergence of worlds-abstract yet literal, dance yet theater, simple on the surface yet infinitely complex at the core."

-Paul Bernstein, Director, IDEAS Center, Princeton Regional Schools, Princeton

"Samar is a natural talent. She is a remarkable actress and has deep knowledge and understanding of theater and performance"

--Jackie Wildau, Founder, Pastiche, NYC