Move and Dance Your Story

Move and Dance Your Story

Everyone faces challenges in their life. This workshop was designed and started as a way to helping women dealing with breast cancer, but it is suitable for women facing any extreme emotional issue, whether it be sad or happy. This workshop helps them to transform their emotions and experiences. For example, it has helped women with breast cancer turn their painful experiences into something powerful to break the loneliness and suffering that imprisoned them.

The stories and feelings of the participants can be expressed through their own bodily movements - their own personal and self-created dance. With my guidance, this workshop allows women to find and create their unique rhythms. It helps them express themselves, their emotions and their feelings, through the art of movement and dance. However, no set dance skills or prior experience is required because the movements are theirs to create and self-express through this translation of emotion to dance. Movement is more intimate then speech, and women can often say more with their movement than they can in words.

The process starts with a circle gathering of women who verbally introduce themselves and their stories (if comfortable) to one another. The group will then "warm-up" with a series of physical movements. This first step relaxes them and familiarizes themselves with the physical process. The techniques I then use will help them translate colors, elements of nature, sounds, emotions, and words into movement.

Eventually, they will develop their own skills and begin to express their individual stories through movement. This workshop is all about empowering women to strengthen themselves and each other. This circle of women will create a therapeutic community, as the participants listen, observe, and begin to relate to one another. The objective of this program is to align the mind and body to work in unison, thus liberating each participant through self-confidence and self-trust. The ultimate outcome is to give each woman a sense of freedom when she sees that her movement comes out naturally, and a sense of power when they know they can create it.

This workshop is not an escape from someone's experience instead it is a retreat to our own body and to your our unique beautiful selves...If we can create our own movement we can create our present we can create your future.