Movements and Meditation

Move and have fun while you are sitting

Move on Your Wheelchair

Being labeled "disabled" does not have to mean you are not able. Being in a wheelchair does not have to tie you down. Everybody has their own inner, unique rhythm which, if let out, can bring joy amongst those who move on their feet or on their wheels.

Being a caregiver for the last three years, I have watched wonderful people of all ages on wheelchairs, most of whom have the great desire to move their rhythm to liberate themselves from their wheelchair. I would love to offer this workshop to those souls who have been stuck to a wheelchair and desire to at least brush against the feeling of moving without one. This workshop would help those to shift their hearts and feelings from "why me" to "I am not a victim."

Everyone can create their own happiness by " loving ourselves and let our energy soften and flow we serve all," and I will help them express it. This would be done through a series of exercises to help them move their fingers, head, and solar plexus freely to eliminate the feeling of wheel-chair-restriction, as they get lost in their music, imagination, and rhythm to enjoy themselves to make the most of what they have.